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released May 1, 2015

Andy- vocals
Steven- guitars/bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Leber at The Noise Room.
Percussion performed by Austin Schramm
Artwork by Andy Sciazko



all rights reserved


Promontory Chicago, Illinois

studio project.

Metallic. Punk. Violent. Emotional.

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Track Name: The Jazz Singer
these men we see are all armed to the teeth.
hallucinogenic layers of armor.
no use for troubled revisionists.
there's no place for a scarred palm.
a grip so loose to catch your breath.
gasp and you gasp and you gasp.
and the world stops making sense.
and the hearts are preserved in celluloid displays.
the fall of the silent;
golden construct age.
we are in such a linear way.
spoiled, rotten, three act play.
i'll keep me alive while everyone dies twice.
look in the face of god and explain his mistake.
i am only my father's son.
war is war is never won.
Track Name: Fossils
the cicadas will sing again before the end.
before the cockroaches shake the hourglass of sand,
Hailey will throw her comet to hell and back
and they'll argue between romance and nabokov.
keep twisting the absolute value of pursuit
and things will feel a bit more like home.
share a drink with mutual collision.
keep twisting the absolute and things will fill a bit more home.
Track Name: Stormy Weather
recounting exchanges.
i am pliable. i am what you want.
the labor. the love.
salivating dog.
maybe. but maybe i'll catch my breath.
there is only one way off the water.
solipsistic, so why bother?
these hearts we're running on are far from the first set we're given.
as if anyone's been paying fucking attention.
all this for a fair skinned maiden?
the winds, the strings, the drums.
"deaf the praised ear, mute the tuneful tongue."
smiling for cameras. encores for years.
"a story to be told. No one prepared to hear."